Instru Plus
Liquid cleaner for instruments and endoscopes
  • High material compatibility – suitable for endoscopes
  • Additional cleaner for instrument disinfection
  • Compatible with all instrument disinfectants

Instru Plus is a pH-neutral additional cleaner for use with instrument disinfectants for rapid and careful cleaning of instruments and endoscopes as well as of medical devices made from metal, plastics, ceramics, glass, rubber and porcelain.

Instru Plus contains an effective corrosion inhibitor and features an outstanding compatibility with most materials.
Instru Plus can be ideally used as an additional cleaner in combination with the instrument disinfectants Perfektan TB, Perfektan Endo, Descoton forte, Pefektan Neu and Descoton Extra.

As a pH-neutral liquid cleaner, Instru Plus is especially suitable for the gentle cleaning of instruments with narrow lumen, such as e.g. endoscopes.
Instru Plus is suitable for cleaning and disinfection procedures in combination with ultrasound.

Plurazyme extra
Tri-enzymatic cleaner for surgical instruments and endoscope reprocessing
  • Strong cleaning power
  • Concentrate for economical use
  • Ideal for ultrasonic cleaning

PLURAZYME® extra is a tri-enzymatic cleaner for surgical instruments and endoscope reprocessing. PLURAZYME® extra offers an excellent material
compatibility and is therefore the ideal cleaning concentrate for manual reprocessing
of surgical instruments and flexible endoscopes. It is economic in use and recommended for use in ultrasonic baths. PLURAZYME® extra offers an excellent cleaning performance due to the combination of highly surface active nonionic surfactants and a stabilised triple enzyme complex.

The self-acting formula counteracts, penetrates and effectively removes all kinds of organic contaminations such as proteins, coagulated blood, mucus, vomit, fat and fecal matter even in hard-to-reach areas.

Perfektan Endo
Disinfectant for instruments and endoscopes
  • Aldehyde-free preparation with good cleaning properties
  • High material compatibility
  • Comprehensive virucidal efficacy

Perfektan® Endo is an aldehyde- and phenol-free liquid concentrate for instrument disinfection and cleaning. It combines strong cleaning power with a high degree of material compatibility and effective corrosion inhibition. Suitable for use in ultrasonic baths.

Perfektan® Endo is ideally suited for endoscope reprocessing and is manufacturer-approved for use with endoscopes by Storz, Olympus Winter & Ibe and Wolf.
Due to its strong cleaning power disinfection and cleaning can be performed in one step. Protein fixation is prevented by the aldehyde-free formulation in compliance with the RKI (Robert Koch Institute) guidelines for instrument reprocessing. In respect of staff safety, no pre-cleaning is necessary before disinfection.

Descoton % 2 GDA
Disinfectant for instruments and endoscopes
  • Formaldehyde-free preparation
  • Gentle to all materials
  • Ready to use

Descoton % 2 GDA is a ready to use, formaldehyde-free and phenol-free instrument disinfectant with a high degree of material compatibility. It is based on 2 % glutardialdehyde as active ingredient and contains effective corrosion inhibitors.

Descoton % 2 GDA is fast acting and especially suited for the disinfection of flexible and rigid endoscopes and TEE probes.