Thermoton NR
Liquid cleaner for instruments and endoscopes
  • High degree of material compatibility
  • Approved cleaning performance
  • PH-neutral

Thermoton® NR is a powerful pH-neutral liquid cleaner for chemo-thermal endoscope reprocessing in all types of endoscope washing machines from all manufacturers.
Thermoton® NR is manufacturer-approved by Pentax. Its cleaning performance in endoscope washing machines has been verified by independent expert reports.
Thermoton® NR is an ideal pre-cleaner for Thermoton® Desinfektant for the automated reprocessing of flexible endoscopes at 55 – 60 °C.
Thermoton® NR is also suitable for chemo-thermal disinfection of thermostable instruments at 93 °C. A significant advantage of Thermoton® NR is its neutral pH-value which ensures thorough and gentle cleaning. In addition, rinsing for neutralisation is not necessary in comparison to alkaline cleaners.

Thermoton N
Neutralizer for automated washing machines
  • Based on phosphoric acid
  • Considerably reduces calcifications
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors

Thermoton® N is a liquid, acidic neutralizer for use in washer disinfectors for medical devices. It is completely tenside-free. Thermoton® N is added to the first rinsing water after the use of alkaline cleaners.

Thermoton cleaner
Alkaline liquid cleaner
  • PH > 10 acc. to RKI recommendation for prion prophylaxis
  • Low-foaming
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors

Thermoton® Cleaner is an alkaline liquid cleaner for chemo-thermal reprocessing of all kinds of alkali-resistant medical instruments. Can be used at temperatures up to 93 °C.