Liquid concentrate for surface disinfection and cleaning


  • Aldehyde-free preparation with good cleaning power
  • DVG-listed for disinfection purposes in the food area
  • Perfume-free

Cleanisept® is an aldehyde-free and phenol-free liquid concentrate for the disinfection and cleaning of medical inventory, medical devices such as incubators and for all kinds of surfaces.
Cleanisept® can be used as an alcohol-free rapid disinfectant and is suitable for the disinfection and cleaning of acrylic glass surfaces.
The product is DVG-listed and ideally suited for use in all areas of the food industry and in canteen kitchens. Cleanisept® is very user-friendly due to its good grease removing abilities and perfume-free formulation.
Conforms to the EU Biocides Directive and is ÖGHMP-listed.