Descosept AF
Alcoholic rapid disinfectant
  • Aldehyde-free rapid disinfectant with pleasant scent
  • Extensive virucidal effectiveness incl. Noro viruses
  • Exceptionally gentle to the skin

Descosept AF is a ready-for-use, aldehyde-free rapid disinfectant based on ethanol and quaternary ammonium compounds.

Descosept AF has a pleasant fresh scent and is well tolerated by the skin. Discolourations of materials after the application of Descosept AF are virtually impossible due to its aldehyde-free composition.

Descosept AF is comprehensively effective against viruses incl. Noro viruses.

Descosept AF meets the requirements of the German legislation for workplace safety concerning the avoidance of sensitising agents in medical facilities acc. to TRGS 525/540.

Descosept AF Lemon
Alcoholic rapid disinfectant
  • Aldehyde-free rapid disinfectant
  • With pleasant lemon scent
  • Scent variant of Descosept AF

Identical formulation to Descosept AF with fresh lemon scent. Range of application, delivery units and contact times see Descosept AF.

Descosept Spezial
Alcohol-free rapid disinfectant
  • Particularly recommended for acrylic glass
  • Strong cleaning power
  • Fast-acting

Alcohol-free, ready-to-use preparation for disinfecting and cleaning medical fixtures, medical devices and all kinds of surfaces. Particularly recommended for medical devices and surfaces that are sensitive to alcohol. Based on quaternary ammonium compounds.
Descosept Spezial contains no alcohols, aldehydes or phenols.